Saturday, August 16, 2008

Birth of Power Supreme

Shri Krishna, according to belief based on ancient scriptures and astrological estimations was born on either the 18th of July or 21st July 3228 B.C.
Krishna was born in the Dvarpara Yuga as the "dark one". Krishna is the embodiment of love and divine joy, that destroys all pain and sin. Krishna is the protector of sacred utterances and cows. Krishna is a trickster and lover, an instigator of all forms of knowledge and born to establish the religion of love.
Krishna was born as the 8th child of Devaki, sister of the cruel demon king Kansa. The sage Narada had predicted that Kamsa would be killed by his nephew, so the king killed Devaki´s first six children. The 7th, Balarama escaped and the 8th, Krishna, was secretly exchanged for a cowherds daughter.
Krishna was raised in Gokul by his foster parents Yasoda and Nand. He had two other siblings - Balarama and Subhadra. Balarama was Devaki's seventh child who was transferred to the womb of Rohini, Vasudev's first wife. Subhadra was born to Rohini and Vasudev much after the birth of Krishna and Balarama.
Krishna is the deity of Hasya or Humour and a messenger of peace. His favorite was Rada. This is known as the Krishna Leela.
In Gokul, Nand was the head of the family and of all cow-herders. Nand, along with Yasoda settled in Vrindavan. That is where hundreds of Krishna's childhood stories are based. Folk tales of Krishna as a "maakhan chor" (butter thief), "bansi wala" (flautist), savior of villagers from demons like Kaaliya Naag (A vicious, multi hooded gigantic cobra that poisoned the waters of river Yamuna), Pootna (Demon sent by Kansa to kill Krishna), all originate from Vrindavan. This is also where Krishna lifted a hill called Govardhan parvat on his little finger and defeated God Indra (the king of devs and the God of rain) to protect land and people of Vrindavan.
After Krishna killed Kamsa, he became king. In the great Mahabaratha epic, Krishna spoke memorable words on the essence of Bhakti Yoga or the Yoga of Devotion. They are at the center of the Bhagavad Gita.


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